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Strategies for Eating Healthily When Traveling

We get it. Travel can derail even the best intentions for staying active and healthy. But it doesn't have to. Don't let travel sabotage you. Instead consider our strategies for keeping on track.

1. Pack it

2. Store it

3. Order it

4. Bonus: Do it First


Pack It & Store It.

If you are checking luggage, and know you will have a mini fridge at your destination, do like we do: pack it!

Take advantage of a Ziploc bag, or better yet a reusable silicon pouch (like the one from Stasher shown in thumbnail), to bring roasted veggies, frozen berries, oatmeal or even an entrée.  Ice packs and insulated bags can be used to maintain freshness. We use our insulated bottles to bring almond milk or other favorite beverages to our destination, and then use the empty bottles for water later.  Often our luggage contains more than 50% food!

Tokyo. Taipei. Lisbon. We checked luggage and arrived stocked with the good stuff. No worries about immediate grocery hunting. The image below represents a combo of items we packed: frozen berries, yogurt, dry cereal, almond milk and fresh fruit we purchased upon arrival. The best. Tastes awesome too.

Not checking any luggage?  Then it’s more about a) space, b) not violating rules on liquids and the like. When we can’t check, we look to prepackaged goods such as high fiber cereal, lower calorie granola, protein bars, and yes, still our Stashers full of veggies.  Adding bulk fiber to the diet when traveling has two benefits: a) filling you up b) keeping you regular.

Need ideas on packaged snacks that have fiber, protein, healthy fats and are low in sugar? Take a look at our article here and focus on the Tier One snacks. 

Bonus: We will soon publish a protein bar round up and tell you why Bonk Breaker's Collagen Protein Bar, NuSkool's Keto MCT Bar, and Raw Rev Glo's plant based Dark Chocolate Sea Salt bar are worth your consideration...along with a few others. Make sure you sign up for our blog (look to upper right side of this page).

Order It.

Amazon Fresh and other markets deliver. We often pre-order key items and have our groceries arrive shortly after we do. The goal is to have the staples that will keep us from eating junk food out of desperation. We know eating better on the road keeps us energized and more productive. It also just feels good!  

Bonus: Do it First

If there is one thing we know that helps ANY traveler eat better on the road and make better decisions, it’s exercising FIRST thing in the morning. Exercising even for as little as 20 minutes sets the day up for healthier living. When you invest in yourself first, it’s so much easier to not derail that effort later in the day with poor eating.

Travel well. Healthy Travel.


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