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SuperBowl - a Day to Splurge

Forget about all the articles and columns that preach how to enjoy the SuperBowl in a healthy way! These snippets of advice are prevalent online and in print: "Healthy SuperBowl Snacks," "Hosting a SuperBowl Party Lite," "Staying on the SuperBowl Buffet Sideline," to name a few.

In my opinion, SuperBowl belongs in the same category as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and one's birthday--4 days out of 365 when you indulge, imbibe, and ignore. That is one of the main benefits to living a healthy lifestyle throughout the rest of the year: on special occasions you can celebrate with food, wine, beer, and friends, and not have one drip of guilt the next day.

Deep dish pizza during halftime is not going to add 3 pounds of fat to your abs. A couple pints of Guiness are not going to throw your training off schedule. And, a slice of apple pie with real Haagen Dazs ice cream during the fourth quarter will not bring on a heart attack.

So, get off the bench and enjoy every aspect of the SuperBowl--the game, the socializing, the commericals, AND the food and drinks--you can pick up your healthy lifestyle right where you left it, tomorrow.

Go Bears!!

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Actually, in terms of beer,

Actually, in terms of beer, Guinness is one of your healthier choices. An entire pint only has 170 calories. So, feel free to "indulge" more often than 4 times per year. And hello... did you forget St. Patty's Day?

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