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Taking healthy living a little too far?

For Germany's Ostlfriesland Hotel, RevPar (revenue per available room) is driven by its guests' healthy lifestyles (or lack thereof). With a slogan of "You don't check in - you weigh in", the Ostlfriesland actually uses each guest's kilos--combined kilos for double rooms--to calculate room rates.

Now we have reported about companies firing employees who refuse to relinquish the cancer sticks, but this is clearly uncharted territory for the hospitality industry.  (Keep in mind that Southwest Airlines requires extra large passengers to buy an extra seat if the arm rest can't be lowered.)  The hotelier justifies the unusual pricing method arguing that healthier guests will live longer and therefore frequent the hotel more often over the long haul.  Additionally, fit and trim guests consume less at the breakfast buffet and cause less wear and tear on furnishings, beds etc.

Alas, the weigh in is not mandatory and there is a cap, for those who don't want to play.  But for athletic-minded types, lighter living means a lighter bill at Norden's Ostfriesland.

Definite food for thought.


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