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The Whole Paycheck moniker still fits

First a note: We love Whole Foods. We recommend the stores in nearly every city we cover. When I'm on the road, nothing hits my meal sweet spot better than a very large, build it myself, Whole Foods salad. In fact, we posted about our "can't live without" products from Whole Foods not too long ago.

BUT, we have also complained about the bagging service, moldy fruit, and prices!

So when I recently discovered that a product I bought (Dr. Kracker Seedlander Snackers), could be had for 25%-47% less elsewhere, I was annoyed, especially since this past month the upscale grocer (which gobbled up Wild Oats), launched its new "Real Deal" program in a concerted effort to rid itself of the "Whole Paycheck" alias.
8 oz tub
But getting rid of this albatross may not be easy. Despite offering product discounts, coupons, budget tips, recipes ideas and other strategies to help its customers, there still exist BIG price markups.

I paid $6.79 for my 8 oz tub of crackers. I had no idea the crunchy snack cost that much until I looked at my bill when I got home. My two-year old loves them, and they are very nutritious, but at nearly $7/tub...So I did my usual internet sleuthing and asked around and discovered that I overpaid--a lot!
7 oz Dr. Kracker box
A local grocery store offers the crackers for 27% less (using an ounce by ounce comparison -- because the packaging is different). Amazon's price is also 27% less, but the real deal is Greenshopper which has a similar flavor for 47% less! WOW!

So what's the upshot? If you love a product and it has a decent shelf life, order in bulk and/or check around. I can buy Fiber One cereal at Target for nearly $2 less than what is charged at my nearby Vons, and I recently ordered Torani sugar-free hazelnut syrup at a HUGE savings...I could go on and on...

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