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Tired of the Energy "Bar Scene" ?

Are you like me?  Do you often tire of the "bar scene"?  I'm not referring to the hops-serving pickup joints nor bass-thumping, burned out on those a LONG time ago.  It's the Clif Bars, Power Bars, Fiber One Bars, Luna Bars, etc. that I'm now bemoaning.  

Don't get me wrong, we buy a huge supply and variety of energy bars (also cereal, but that's another blog) and eat them regularly.  At any given time it's very likely that 10+ cases of nutrition bars are in the pantry.  BUT lately, more often than not, after a long bike ride or swim or run, my craving for a bar is as diminshed as a 3-year old's appetite for brussel sprouts.  What to do?

Over the past several months, my post-workout recovery nutrition of choice has become a glass of skim milk combined with 3-4 heaping teaspoons of Ovaltine's Chocolate Malt Mix (orange label).  Chocolate milk has long been a favored recovery drink of professional cyclists with proven results.  But rather than using a nutrition-absent powder mix of chocolate sugar, I create a "Power" chocolate milk with the Ovaltine.  It tastes just as good as traditional chocolate milk and adds the following vitamins/minerals:

Vitamin A - 45% RDA

Vitamin C - 45%

Calcium - 8%

Iron - 15%

Vitamin D - 50%

Thiamin (B1) - 60%

Riboflavin(B2) - 45%

Niacin - 45%

Vitamin B6 - 45%

Phosphorus - 8%

Because it's light on protein and potassium, I supplement my glass of chocolate milk mix with an english muffin/almond butter combination (protein) and a banana (potassium).  Finally, a couple glasses of plain and simple water wash it all down.

After your next workout if you just can't stomach eating another energy bar, try the above snack for a tasty treat and proven recovery aid.


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