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Top Ten Yoga Savasana Songs

Everyone has their "best of" song list for motivating a workout, but what about the wind-down? I love nothing more than falling asleep after a really hot, sweaty, and heart pounding yoga session during the savasana. Certain songs make it happen. 

But which ones?

Who better to compile a list than Athletic-Minded Traveler's Yoga Editor, Beth O'Reilly.  According to Beth, a good savasana song is one that is soothing and promotes relaxation.  She looks for songs that her students won't recognize from the radio--so they can truly let go.  The last thing she wants is for her student to associate the song with a stressful event!

Additionally, songs in Sanskrit have a higher vibration and convey beautiful messaging.  For example Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu means “may all beings be peaceful happy and free!”  Beth typically prefers songs without lyrics--again to help the student let go. 

The below list is not in any specific order, but each song touches Beth's heart and soothes her mind! All of the songs are available on Itunes, and after reviewing each one, we purchased several!

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Athletic-Minded Traveler's Top 10 Yoga Savasana Songs


"VE" means very easy listening -- so likely song is all music and/or the vocals are chanting -- not typical "lyrics".

"E" means easy listening. Song has lyrics and is more mainstream.

  1. Gopala Lullaby by Ben Leinbach and Jai Uttal  (VE)
  2. Kiev by  Bodhi (VE)
  3. Inseparable Universe by Mars Lasar (VE-Nature Sounds) (Album is Karma)
  4. Bella by Angus and Julia (E)
  5. Samba Sadashiva by Donna De Lory (VE)
  6. Om Namo Bhagavate BY Deva Premal (VE--chanty female)
  7. Thing About Trouble by Doug Burr (E)
  8. Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu by Chandra Om (VE & E mix)
  9. Peace Prayer by Jeff Beal and Nawang Khechog (VE) 
  10. Sri Vidya by Steve Ross (VE --13 minutes long -- Oceanic sounds & chanting)


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