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Toronto Hotels, Gyms, Restaurants, Etc now Free

Since our launch eight months ago, we've provided San Diego Hotel, health club, restaurant, and other athletic training content as part of our free tour to help potential users understand exactly what our site offers.

Now that our groundbreaking content has expanded into Canada -- Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and soon to come Ottawa, we wanted our Canadian users to see that we do as thorough a job north of the border as inside the U.S. So, Toronto is now part of our Free Tour as well.

All travelers can now find fitness focused hotels such as the Toronto Hilton , Four Seasons Toronto, and Toronto Courtyard as part of our Free Tour.

Likewise, finding a fitness club in toronto is made easier by our comprehensive reviews of health clubs such as the Adelaide Club, Yorkville Health Club, and community centers like the Miles Nadal JCC and the Toronto Metro-Central YMCA.

And, of course, we share with you healthy places to eat in Toronto like Cafe Nevrosa, places to gear up in Toronto like the Running Room, and places to have some fun in Toronto such as the Harbourfront Centre.


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