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Tour of California Post-Race Coverage

The 2007 Amgen Tour of California didn't disappoint. The World's top riders and best teams turned out for another year of racing and the California crowds showed up in support. Over seven days, 1.6 million spectators lined the streets and towns across the Golden State to witness what is quickly becoming "The Tour beyond France."

Race organizers hope to add a few more stages (making 10 total) to the 2008 event and we hope San Diego is chosen as a Stage host city. We know San Diegans would come out in droves!

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Levi Leipheimer won this year's Tour of California, which bodes well for him heading into the European "monster" Tours (left click on the pics to see a larger version).

The biggest fight might be over who works for whom on a stacked Team Discovery with Levi and Ivan Basso both progressing into top form.


Team Discovery is defnitely the New York Yankees of the cycling world. Look no further than their truck:

Team Discovery Truck

And compare it to Team CSC's:


Or, the poor Liquigas guys who suit up and stay warm in the back of a rental UHaul:

Liquigas guys.JPG

Today's Stage 7 start was a colorful beginning to a sunny afternoon:

2007 Tour of Cali start.JPG

And the podium was just as colorful with the week's champions:

champs stage.JPG

The racing is awesome, but fans should know that the Tour of California offers a whole lot more than skinny guys with big legs zooming by at 30 mph in bright tights. The family-friendly expos held at the finish destination offer food, attractions, freebies, new products, pro-signings, and more.

Tour expo.JPG

Even Floyd Landis showed up to generate some positive pr for himself on the heels of recently discovered facts that may have his doping case dismissed.

Floyd and Bob.JPG

And, finally, one image that you won't see on Versus or in Velo News--the thankless, but important job of cleaning the bikes after the race. Even Team Discovery members must ride the same bike more than one day. Here a Lotto mechanic cares for one of the "babies":

post race clean up.JPG

Be sure to check our upcoming blogs--we're going to share some shots of the hot bikes the team's are riding this year. Or simply, have our blog posts come directly to you via email or RSS by clicking here.

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