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Tour of California Video Interview Fun

Our Athletic-Minded Traveler video crew had a blast interviewing cyclists, mechanics, fans, and even the podium ladies at the Tour of California's final stage in San Diego. Everyone was happy to talk to us, even the time-crunched and focused riders. Here are a few still shots -- we're editing the video footage and should have it up shortly.

Jim Kaese interviews Christian VandeVelde - 4th place finisher 2008 Tour de France

 Christian VandeVelde in the

George Hincapie - Tour de France Stage Winner & part of 8 winning Tour de France Teams (7 with Lance Armstrong)

 Big George speaks and Athletic-Minded Traveler listens


Tyler Hamilton - Rock Racing - 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist, Tour de France Stage Winner

Tyler Hamilton & Jim Kaese get technical about bikes


Jelly Belly Cycling Team

 A moment of R & R for Nick Reistad, Bernard van Ulden, Will Routley & Kiel Reijnen before Palomar\'s summit

2009 Amgen Tour of California Podium Ladies - Joanna & Kristen

 It\'s not all sweat & testosterone at the Tour of California!

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