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Trans Fats Make News Again

In the midst of bad press for KFC and Starbucks (both are being targeted and/or sued for their alleged artery clogging food), the American Heart Association released its guidelines for the villainous substance yesterday.

The big health group strongly urges limiting trans fats to less than 1 percent of total calories. Of course simply listing the number of grams per day would be too easy...since that is how trans fats are now reported on nutrition labels. The labels don't say calories!

So using an example to get at the grams: 1% of 2000 calories is 20 calories. And since each fat gram packs 9 calories this yields a measly 2.22 grams per day.

So simply multiply your typical calories consumption by 1% and then divide by 9 to get the grams you should NOT exceed. Wow!

We blogged a while back on trans fats in foods and 2 grams is quickly exceeded by many of our favorite treats. FYI potential offenders include baked goods (granola bars, cookies, muffins, pastries, donuts, biscuits), chips, crackers, frozen potatoes, even waffles!

Check labels and avoid foods with partially hydrogenated this and that.

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