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Update on Kashi Chewy Granola Bar Recall and an Idea for a Kid Friendly Bar

We posted a short while ago about the Kashi recall -- and why we like these bars. If you want to better understand the recall specifics and why these bars are great for kids, click this link.

We plan to refresh our protein and energy bar "Best Of" list. However, if you would like to view a past analysis on bars that includes a very helpful and detailed chart comparing 20 bars, click through this link.

I had 8 boxes of the Kashi Chewy Bars on hand. I emailed Kashi to get a refund. I didn't hear back for a few weeks; so I emailed again, and one more time. But today, with no letter, nor explanation, I received 8 coupons for my choice of any Kashi product -- NOT TO EXCEED $5. And later that evening I received an email from customer service about the coupons and the recall.

Kashi Coupon Freebie

While I am happy that Kashi finally responded to me, a box of Kashi Chewy Granola Bars costs more than $5. So I am still out of pocket (not much maybe 25 to 50 cents/box) the money and more important the time it took following up. (Maybe I should have been more patient?)

On a side note, because the bars were purchased for our toddler, I have been on the hunt for a low-sugar, all natural replacement. Organic Food Bar Kid's is the first one we are trying. 

Organic Food Bar Kid\'s

My take: very sweet, but pretty good. The Apple Pie flavor has 139 calories, 5.5 grams of fat, 2.5 grams dietary fiber, 3 grams of protein and 9.5 grams of sugar. Our almost 3-year old is a big fan already.

However, I wish the bars had less sugar. (The Kashi bars had about 6 grams of sugar per bar), BUT, the ingredients are all natural and organic: cashew butter, dates, agave nectar, oats, apples, raisins, cinnamon. It's the AGAVE NECTAR that is the sugar culprit. Given how sweet the bar tastes, I wonder if it's even necessary. And despite being "organic" and "natural", agave nectar is a form of added sugar.

There are plenty of low-sugar bars out there. For example the Atkins Advantage bars are tasty and filling and claim ZERO sugar, but the ingredient list will scare any parent. (I love them.) And some of the best tasting all natural bars like the Balance Pure fruit and nut energy bar (chocolate cashew flavor) just have too much sugar for kids -- 16 grams...not too surprising since the first ingredient listed is Evaporated Cane Juice. (I also really like this bar too!)

So, if you happen to know of a low sugar, all natural bar, that doesn't cost a ton, let us know. The Kashi Bars and the Ogranic Food Bars are well under a buck a bar. NOTE: You can save quite a bit by price shopping. Nearly all bars we purchase come in around $1/bar!

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