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What do business travelers want most?

Yesterday's USA Today claims it's FREE internet access?

Our experience as business travelers and serving business travelers points to two other top priorities for road warriors when selecting a hotel.

1. A good workout option
2. A good night's sleep

A majority of business travelers exercise when traveling (Expedia 2008 Study), and nearly two-thirds of travelers favor a hotel with a good gym. Employers are starting to recognize that employees who exercise are more productive, happier and suffer less stress -- which lowers health care costs, increases retention and improves morale (Jrnl Workplace and Health Management).

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Our objective hotel recommendations also provide information about the hotel's beds, noise level and other key characteristics that may encourage (or prevent) a good night's sleep. Our travelers indicate that the quality of the bed and the chance for some peaceful zzzs rank near the top of their travel wish list. Hotel location is less important.

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<p>This is really true!!.

<p>This is really true!!. Business Travellers will definitely opt for a good sleep. Also they tend to stay in a hotel, which has gym. They keep them fresh by means of regular exercise. They keep the exercise as their routine and wouldn't miss that due to any official trip.</p>

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