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What is your definition of kid friendly?

Athletic-Minded Traveler primarily serves business travelers and other adults who want to stay active, healthy and fit when away from home, so the term "kid friendly" isn't part of our daily lexicon.

We sometimes note if restaurants and cafes have a kids' menu in the EAT WELL section of the site, and as parents a few of our past posts have come from this perspective. How Triathlon Training Helps with Parenting, Getting Kids More Healthy and our Deli Meat and Nitrate posts were all kid inspired.

Until very recently my definition of kid friendly went something like this: Anyplace you can bring your kid without getting a dirty look. And those places that are specifically designed for kids (e.g., coffee bars with a big play area) don't count. These are kid places that are also parent friendly. Not the same thing.

What changed? I stumbled upon a few truly kid friendly businesses in the Bird Rock neighborhood of San Diego. At the local coffee shop, there are kids books, toys and food items for the little guys/girls...just down the street, at a very hip clothing boutique, the same set-up, a big basket full of toys and a building block type thing. LOVE it. Not only do these businesses not get annoyed at the extra noise, busyness, and mess potential of a kid, they welcome it.

This is what I call kid friendly.

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