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What, no launch party?!

As I sit here typing with bed head and bags under my eyes big enough to check on a plane, our website finally has been squeezed out of its cyberspace womb. If we were still in the roaring 90's, I'm sure our company would already have a 9-figure monetary value, an IPO scheduled, and a celebrity filled launch party. Alas, I won't get to meet Paris Hilton today, but that's probably just as well because my morning breath would likely cause her little Chihuahua to roll over and (insert your devilish thought here)...

All kidding aside, we're soooo excited to finally have this massive project come to fruition. As a first-of-its-kind site, we look forward to breaking new travel ground. Many have helped us along the way, and none more so than our web design team at You guys rock! In these first few weeks, we'll still be hammering out some bugs and adding information daily. Neverthless, the depth and breadth of this site is already unmatched and unbelievable. Take a look for yourself, we hope you'll agree and give us an opportunity to help you travel healthier, happier and smarter. Happy trails!

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Kudos for putting together a

Kudos for putting together a fantastic site. As a "web guy", both personally and professionally, I have been thrilled by the new AMT site. Sharp design, clean user interface, great content...a perfect compliment to the book!

I am traveling to Chicago next month and am already looking forward to using the site to help make my hotel and restaurant choices.

Best to you, and thanks for this great resource.

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