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Whole Foods strikes again. Another reason to shop at Trader Joes.

I'm befuddled. How can Whole Foods possibly justify charging 53% MORE for the EXACT same product that Trader Joe's sells? YES, THE EXACT SAME PRODUCT. Same packaging. Same flavor. Same Vendor. The Same.

The last time I complained, I wasn't as miffed. The product was slightly different in terms of the packaging and the Whole Foods price mark-up wasn't as shocking.

I love muffins. Wait, that's not entirely true. I love healthy muffins , ones that aren't loaded with sugar and oil. I don't want the muffin to soak through the napkin with its grease. And often the "low fat" or "reduced calorie" varieties sold at coffee shops are overly sweet, lacking that authentic, home-baked flavor. So, until recently I've always baked my own. But then I happened upon Zen Bakery Muffins!

These muffins are fabulous. Zen offers a number of flavors (banana bran, peach bran, apple cranberry, blueberry mango cranberry). The Kaese family favorite is the blueberry and raspberry oat bran. The muffins come in a 4-pack and each muffin is HUGE -- 136 grams. As a comparison, a cup of Cheerios weighs in at 30 grams, and 1/2 cup of Kellogg's Low Fat Granola without raisins comes in at 50 grams.

And in terms of nutrition, the Zen muffins are impressive. One muffin is considered 2 servings and this makes sense. They are BIG. But even a whole muffin is sensible yielding 270 calories, 8 grams of fiber, 12 grams of sugar and 8 grams of protein. The half cup of granola packs 14 grams of sugar! And while the Cheerios earn kudos for their low sugar content, the muffins win in terms of the extra fiber. And they're tasty. They are also a worthy alternative to your favorite protein or energy bar.

Here's the nutrition label -- NOTE this is for 1/2 of a muffin

So what was the exact price discrepancy? The muffins aren't cheap. Trader Joe's sells them for $4.49 (about $1.13/muffin) Whole Foods price? A whopping $6.89!!! That's $1.72 per muffin. But if you buy a "single" flavor (such as banana) then the Whole Foods price is "only" $5.99.

As I wrote in my last post about Whole Foods pricing, we know the natural food market is trying to be more price friendly and we do love so many of their products. We even ordered our entire Thanksgiving meal from Whole Foods last year! But this one was just too flagrant...

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Very disappointed that TJs

Very disappointed that TJs quit selling these great muffins. They are not available at any of the Whole Foods I have checked with in my area of N. Calif--or at the WF store in LA. What gives? These were my faves for breakfast. I refused to buy TJ's replacement wheat free muffins-dinky, expensive and full of sugar. I will have to check out other stores, but no Sprouts near Santa Rosa it appears.

They are such good muffins!

They are such good muffins! And you are so right...way less sugar than others. You may want to reach out to Zen Bakery directly. They provide an email on their website.

Good luck!! 

Trader Joe's doesn't sell

Trader Joe's doesn't sell them anymore.  They have a much smaller muffin for the same $4.49 to $4.99 price. I shopped at the Sprouts in Encinitas.  They carry Zen Bakery Muffins there.  They are almost twice as big for $5.99.  Not all Sprouts carry them. 

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