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Why you should follow Athletic-Minded Traveler on X

Editor's Note: This post was updated in 2024.

Our X address is @healthytravel. 

Why tweet?  First and foremost to help people stay up to date on all things active and healthy.  We also think that athletic-minded travelers, and those trying to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, are a unique bunch. 

Our passion is healthy living and our tweets offer useful information.  We do not simply write 3 words and post a link.  Instead we will tell you something useful IN the tweet! If there is a link posted, it is to give you more information.

Check out our X Page HERE.  Here are some sample tweets!

  • 4 energy bars in our rotation: Clif, Balance Pure (chocolate cashew), Atkins Advantage & Zone (dark choc). First 2 travel better.
  • Don't let foul weather derail your hiking fun. Get waterproof boots! We've heard the Mt Trainer Mid GTX are worth the $180
  • Food expert Harold McGee writes in his food reference book that pop-up indicators "pop" AFTER they turkey breast is OVER cooked!
  • Olive oil shld be stored in a cool dark place & consumed within 18 months of purchase. Buy bottles with a harvest date to ensure freshness
  • A meningitis booster shot is now recommended for teens b/c a single shot doesn't protect as long as expected.
  • Big food myth: that not eating after 7p (or 6p or some other early hour) will help you lose weight. It's the total calories over 24 hours.
  • Middle age smoking ups risk of dementia SIGNIFICANTLY-37% for half pack smokers & 44% for 1-2 packs. New, broad based study reports.
  • Tip: For turkey day dessert, apple crisp is more sensible than pumpkin pie which is more sensible than pecan pie (500 calories!)

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