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WiFi is a gateway to healthy travel. Three online FREE options to get your sweat on.

“Travel, travel and more travel.” Those are the words we hear from our consultant and sales exec friends about what they are up to. And guess what? Often these athletic-minded travelers are FAR from top of the line gyms or even a decent YMCA. But all hope is not lost for toning, strengthening and calorie blasting. If you have Wi-Fi, then you are in luck!
As a Kimpton Hotels alumni, fitness junkie and mom, Athletic-Minded Traveler's Katelyn Kaese knows how to find a workout no matter the locale.  She understands what active types want. She now teaches Barre and indoor cycling in the Chicago-land area.  These are three FREE online workouts options that Katelyn recommends. 
Hint – Get your sweat in first thing. This is our #1 piece of healthy living travel advice. Starting your day with exercise starts the day with power and sets you up for better decision making.
Physique57 – Their studios were among the first to offer the Barre workouts that we all now know and love. The on-demand classes are well edited and easy to navigate.  We love that they have the option to take a full class or a "mash-up" of your own workout based on what you need. Barre, cardio, strengthening, stretching – they have it all!  As a new user you will have a free week to test it out. If you feel the burn and want to keep toning after that first week, there are packages as well as a daily drop in rate. 
Nitty-Gritty: $5 for a daily "drop-in" rate. Unlimited streaming packages start at $30 per month. Each workout segment has a beginner and advanced modification option. Rating icons on the workouts help provide guidance about what you will get out of it (cardio, strength, stretch, tone). Workouts range from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
YogaVibes – This website has myriad options, from yoga to Barre to cardio, which means a workout for everyone. You may find the site a little hard to navigate with the abundance of options. But that’s where we can help!  Our no-fail favorite teachers (all with multiple class options), are: Julie Weismann, John Nelson, & Tammy Row.  Look under the Exhale Core Fusion class list to find them all, or search directly by each name.
Nitty-Gritty: Free 10 day trial to start, with automatic sign up for a monthly membership once trial ends.  Make sure to set a reminder to cancel if you do not plan on continuing past the trial period. The monthly rate is $20 for unlimited classes. 
Popsugar – This website has many components to love, but we particularly adore their fitness page with its high quality teachers and shorter length workout options.  On the downside, the fitness video site is overly saturated with articles (and ads!), which makes finding the actual video a process! However, once you do locate a video, it’s good stuff. The site has a LOT of options, but we trust and recommend anything from Anna Renderer – she is bubbly, on point, and keeps you going. 
Nitty-Gritty:  Workouts are all free, all the time. Workout options range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, which makes mixing amd matching easy.  
We know life is busy, travel work days are long and searching out a way to get your sweat on can be exhausting. We hope that these sites give you a way to get an effective, efficient and worthwhile workout in while on the road. Now get to it! 


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