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Ya know Yoga is mainstream when

McDonalds bag upright.JPG McDonald's puts a picture of a Yogini on the outside of their paper bags! We already know the heavy cholesterol fries and high fat burgers inside the bag don't make most of us say, "Yum". But, will what's inside the bag make us say, "Ommm"? I doubt it.

Since Morgan Spurlock's movie Super Size Me, Mac has been experimenting with marketing gimmicks to make their "beefy" business look more like a "lean" operation. I give them credit for the attempt, and to be fair, they have rolled out a couple new food items that don't contain over half of the RDA of saturated fat. But c'mon, Yoga? I doubt any Yogini at the end of a class while lying in Savasana is salivating over the thought of inhaling a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

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