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Like kids in a candy store, Athletic-Minded Travelers will have a fitness frenzy in Amsterdam. Yeah right! Let's face it. The Dutch capital isn't famous for its healthy lifestyles and outdoor pursuits. Nope. In this diverse and multicultural hub, temptations abound to knock you off the active and sweaty wagon. So-called "coffee shops" offer more hash-cake varieties than java options. Bars, nightclubs and pubs populate every corner. 24-hour French-fry stands push mayonnaise as a tasty dipping sauce. Festivals, concerts and parades create an on-going party vibe. And of course there are smokers and more smokers, casinos, and legal prostitution. Need we say more?

However, we can't totally blame the Amsterdam-ites for this folly. International tourists seeking personal liberation are the primary partakers. Locals (the tallest people in the world with an average height for all Dutch adults being 6'1") admirably keep their waistlines in check without much planning. Bike rides and walks are part of the day-to-day routine for running errands, shopping and visiting with friends. It's not uncommon to see a parent and two children riding a Bakfiets (bicycle with a square box up front to hold the kids) along the miles of dedicated bike lanes and through Amsterdam's beautiful parks, Vondelpark is the city's largest and most popular. Meals too tend to be sensible in portion size and with the plethora of outdoor markets and diverse cuisine, eating well is easy.

Like any metro, Amsterdam does indeed have athletic-minded diamonds interspersed throughout the city. The fitness rough is just a little wider and deeper. But we've got you covered!