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Gunshow (Glenwood Park)

924 Garrett Street
Atlanta, GA 30316
404-380-1886websitePrice: Expensive
Area: Downtown

Think about the concept of a dim sum brunch and then throw out the Asian dumpling food and sub in New American creative cuisine. As patrons sit in the bustling, urban styled, casual space with a huge open kitchen and long bar, carts or staff come by with all sorts of edibles.  The different chefs of each dish visit your table and explain the food. You simply say "yay" or "nay". If you say, no thanks, more dishes will keep coming.  Keep in mind that there are no guarantees as to what you will be offered. All food is presented in a stylish way, is very creative, uses high end ingredients, but leans heavy. Lighter options are harder to find.

The menu will be delivered to your table and will include all dishes and pricing. You mark what you've tried. The menu is diverse. These are examples of dishes from a recent menu. Sweet potato latkes, Szechuan poached Maine lobster tail with bok choy, "Forest Floor" mushrooms, bbq lamb with fried risotto, roasted carrot salad with tahini, scallop, clam and mussel escabeche, and Peruvian duck breast with quinoa. 

Dinner Tues-Sat 6p-9p

Strongly recommend reservations. Solo diners can easily show up and eat at bar.

Parking available in Glenwood Parking Lot behind the restaurant.

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