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Heartwood Yoga (SE)

700 Century Park South
Birmingham, AL 35226
Area: Downtown
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This studio is a great option for beginners or someone looking for low-key yoga classes. Focusing on alignment and breath awareness, you will spend most of the class fine-tuning subtle details of just a few postures. While many yoga classes feature "total body" poses, Heartwood likes to focus on one area of the body at a time, allowing the maximum amount of release.

There aren't any showers here, but there is a restroom and plenty of shelves for storing your belongings.

The studio is about 10 miles from our featured hotels, towards the back of the Century Park business complex. There is plenty of free parking available.

A single class is $15, payable by cash or check only (no credit cards here). The studio provides plenty of props, including a rope wall, bolsters, blocks and blankets.

Since they offer a variety of levels, we suggest calling ahead for more detailed class information. Otherwise, their schedule is as follows Monday/Wednesday 6:00p. Tuesday 10:00a; 6:00p. Thursday 9:30a; 6:00p. Friday 8:30a. Saturday 10:00a.

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