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Formaggio Kitchen (Cambridge)

244 Huron Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138
617-354-4750websitePrice: Moderately Expensive

Larger than its South End sister, this gourmet food shop offers artisan cheeses, cured meats, dry goods and wine. They specialize in hard to find and unique products. The market also makes sandwiches and has prepared foods to go. 

Come for fine ingredients, specialty foods, gourmet sandwiches and other prepared eats. There is a "Take Home" Dinner menu offered after 3p. A recent selection included beef stew with rice and lentil pilaf.  Another day offered lamb meatballs in gravy and bulgar pilaf.

Open daily Mon-Fri 9a-7p. Sat 9a-6p. Sun 10a-4p.

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