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Besides its big-time image in the fitness and endurance sporting worlds, Boulder is a quaint and artsy college town located 30 miles northwest and 75 feet above Denver.

A passion for the outdoors is a common thread for residents of this diversely populated burg. And how could it not be? Its myriad of trails, streams, fields, bike-lanes, and mountains present an unparalleled setting for vitality, and this city's 95,000 citizens thrive on a workout diet. Although cycling and running appear the most popular entrées, Boulderites cover the athletic menu from Apricots to Zucchini. We would not be surprised if cross-training was invented here!

So why, in this town where fitness is front and center, are the hotel and health club exercise pickings more slim than supreme? Our hunch is that it's difficult for these businesses to compete against Mother Nature's well-run, and complimentary, outdoor gym. Travelers will best be served by heeding the well-known adage, "when in Rome-" by heading outside where the CU Buffaloes roam.

Do not despair gym rats, we have not abandoned you. Although tracking down worthy prospects was nearly as challenging as running a sub-4 minute mile, we identified several spry venues. And though we do not claim membership to this esteemed group of fleet feet, we trust that your hooves will be kept busy in Boulder.