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The Kitchen, Nextdoor, Upstairs

1039 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302
303-544-5973websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Boulder, CO

Come here and you hit the food trifecta. All three venues are stylish, elegant, yet rustic.  Think chalkboards, worn wood, cool lighting, and natural stone. All menus feature unique food that is organic and from sustainable sources. The menus list the farms that the eateries source from.  Everything changes all the time with what is in season.  All menus do lean a little heavy, but there are options for light and vegetarian eaters too. We like Next Door best.  For those who care about being more "green", this is the place for you. It's classic Boulder. 

Kitchen: The lunch menu is lighter than dinner's. We like that there are 4-5 salads with gourmet ingredients and typically one that features a protein like poaches salmon.  There are several appetizers (quiche, soup, mushroom toast), sandwiches (grilled veggies, lamb burger, slow roasted pork), and "mains" such as quinoa & asparagus, pasta, Cornish game hen, and steak frites. The dinner menu still offers salads, but not with protein. There are 2-3 pastas and the entrees that come with heavier accompaniments. The weekend brunch is also on the heavier side with items pulled from the regular lunch menu along with French toast, smoked salmon, omelets, corned beef hash, fruit bowl, granola and several salads.

Next Door: The vibe here is more casual and "pub" like. The menu is via the chalkboard and offers shareable nibbles like sauteed greens, fritters, Kale chips, hummus and a veggie antipasti plate. Sandwiches (grilled chicken, beet burger, mushroom loaf, pork), salads (salmon salad, along with arugula, chopped, Greek, quinoa and roasted veggie) all have the option of adding chicken, salmon or lamb. Examples of "plates" include braised lentils, grilled sausage, seafood stew and steak.

Upstairs: Here the vibe is more upscale bar/lounge with upscale bistro fare. This is the smallest of the 3 menus. "Nibbles" include fries, roasted beets, spiced nuts, cheese plate, and pates. Other sample menu items include green salad, pasta, grilled beef over romaine, hummus and flatbread, wood-fired pizza, grilled veggie salad, pork chop and salmon with quinoa, turnips and asparagus brown butter.

Kitchen: Lunch M-F 11a-3p; dinner nightly starting at 5:30p; Weekend brunch 9a to 2p

Next Door: Open daily starting at 11a until "close". Live music every Wednesday. Kid frieindly. No reservations

Upstairs: Dinner only starting at 5:30p

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