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Yoga Loft (South)

633 South Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305
Area: Boulder, CO
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Yoga Loft intrigued us with its unique location and fun, creative classes. As you walk into the lobby, you feel the naturalistic vibe, with many of the decorations and furniture carved out of wood with elephants, flowers, and peace signs decorating the space. This vibe translates nicely as you walk into their one practice room, which has windows on three sides securing every view of the gorgeous Flatiron Mountains. Just imagine their Wake Up and Flow yoga class on the outdoor patio—60m of breathtaking beauty and a perfect start to your day. 
Yoga Loft is located on the second level of the Table Mesa shopping center, in between Tandoori Grill and Neptune Mountaineering. Parking is plentiful and free—you can park anywhere in the shopping center. 
Yoga Loft seeks to cater to their customers’ preferences and schedules. They offer a Lunchtime express class (60m) to fit in a quick workout before heading back to work, and a challenging but energetic Happy Hour class on Fridays accompanied by live music (or traditional yoga music) welcome the weekend. 
Their locker rooms are spacious with 3 showers, ample locker and storage space, and essential toiletries. 
Call the studio or check their website for updates in the schedule. Classes are offered for both 60m and 75m. A drop-in is $15, mat rentals $2, water $1, and towels $2. If you’re new to Yoga Loft, you can enroll in the 10 for 10 Program, where you can take as many yoga classes as you would like in 10 consecutive days for only $10. They tend to sneak in some $10 classes during the week, so definitely check the schedule for these deals.
Tues and Thurs are early mornings with classes starting at 6:30a and last class is 7:15p. Mon, Wed, & Fri classes start at 9:15a with last class times varying (latest 7p Mon, 8:15p Wed and 5:30p Fri). Sat & Sun classes start at 8a and last classes around 3:30p Sat and 6:30p Sun. 
Yoga Loft offers 12 different classes both heated and non-heated, catering to all levels of yogis. The Vinyasa 1 is the beginner class at room temperature. The All Levels Vinyasa classes, and the more challenging Vinyasa 2 classes are all between 70 and 80 degrees. Warm Yoga classes are about 83 degrees and Heated Yoga classes are about 90-95. The range in temperature depends on the preference of the teacher and the practice, but the temperatures will only vary a couple degrees from these temperatures. 
This studio offers other classes including Kundalini Yoga, Power Yin Yoga, Forrest Yoga, and Yin Yoga. With all of these options, we are sure you will find a class that you will thoroughly enjoy.  Savasana is concluded with fresh, warm lavender towels to soothe and relax your mind and body. 
This studio practices both Asana and Vinyasa yoga. The Asana-style classes focus on many postures that are designed to improve the flexibility and liveliness of the body, bringing awareness of the body’s limits.  Vinyasa emphasizes the natural flow of the body from posture to posture, allowing the body to breathe in a way that generates a smooth flow, rather than a specific ritual of breathing. 

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