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It did not take long for us to understand why people make Charlotte their home and companies establish their headquarters in the "Queen City" (Bank of America, Lowe's, Wachovia). Named after England's Queen Charlotte, the town's dynamic "Uptown" city center (yes, Uptown means Downtown here), beautiful tree-lined residential neighborhoods, and numerous sporting and nightlife amusements contribute to its allure. However, Charlotte's best attribute comes not from any fancy buildings or expensive attraction, but rather from the people themselves who truly make this city feel like a home away from home.

We generally hear Charlotte locals described as warm and friendly, but that is an understatement. As we strolled along Uptown's sidewalks, we were initially taken aback by the number of locals wishing us a "good morning." But in no time this simple gesture made us feel welcome. Ask for directions and your guide will not walk away until he or she is satisfied you know the way. Pull out a Charlotte attractions' guide in a restaurant and do not be surprised when your server asks if you need recommendations. This city is an example of Southern hospitality at its finest, and the workout options are pretty darn good too.