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105F (South Loop)

47 W. Polk
Chicago, IL 60605
Area: Downtown
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This South Loop studio is located inside Dearborn Station, the oldest standing train station in Chicago. Enter off of Polk and proceed up the stairs to the mezzanine level. The studio includes a large, no-carpet practice room with high ceilings and plenty of mirrors to help you focus on your technique. 

The Dearborn location has two showers in each locker room and locks on the lockers for personal belonging storage.  The space is smaller, so budget time for the shower line during peak periods.  Lockers with locks provided.

Most classes are Bikram style in terms of postures but there are three "versions": Original 90, Smart 60 (shorter with some flow), and Next Level 90 which adds salutations, hip openers and inversions. The studio aslo offers hot Pilates, a non-heated class, and two yoga classes that are "warm" versus "hot".

The studio is located about 1-3 miles from our featured downtown hotels, near the intersection of West Polk Street and South Federal Street. Parking is available a few blocks away at 817 S. Wells (after 2pm on weekdays and all day weekends) as well as around the back of Dearborn Station ($4/hour).

A single class is $24, mat and towel rentals are $2 each, and bottled water is available for $3, but they encourage students to "go green" and bring their own bottle to fill at the studio's water fountain.

Call the studio or check the website for more detailed class information. Typically 4-5 classes are offered each day with the earliest starting at 6a and the latest at 8p.

ABOUT BIKRAM YOGA -- The traditional style

Bikram Yoga welcomes beginners. This 90 minute class consists of 26 beginning postures and is conducted in a hot room (approx. 110 degrees) with, hopefully, high humidity. But don't be fooled into thinking beginning means easy - it doesn't! Iron men and couch potatoes, alike, have found themselves floored in "dead man's pose" just minutes into this challenging workout. You don't have to be strong or flexible or in excellent shape to do this yoga - you simply have to be willing. What we also really like about Bikram's is that every studio teaches the same sequence of postures so you always know you're going to get a full-body workout, a great benefit for travelers.

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