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Ohio Street Beach

505 North Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60611

Area: Downtown
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A popular open water swim training spot for Chicago Triathlon participants and others wanting a fresh water dip. Unless a full wetsuit is covering your body, you probably want to test these waters from late May through September only. In the dog days of August, however, leave the neoprene behind, the Lake's temperatures can get up into the high 70's Farenheit. Lifeguards man the seawall through the summer months and often a floating ball buoy is anchored at a half-mile turnaround. Waves can get a little rough here, but the area is somewhat sheltered. Don't leave anything pricey behind on the beach--you are in the big city afterall (shoes and t-shirt etc. should be fine).

Note: Since this is a beach, there is no street address.  So, we plugged in numbers for the nearby Lake Point Tower which overlooks the beach.  BUT, the map to the right accurately pinpoints the beach.

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