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Aladdin's Baking Company

1301 Carnegie Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44115
216-861-0317websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Cleveland, OH

Aladdin's is a grocery/cafe combo that is best known for its freshly baked pita bread. Downtowners happily line up to order various pita based creations and other Middle Eastern fare. The grocery section features hard to find specialty food items. Because there are less than a half dozen tables, most patrons order their food to go. Don't confuse this place with the franchise based Aladdin's Eatery. They are separate companies.

Along with the garlic chips, olive bar, fresh pita, hummus, taboule and ethnic food items, there is a complete menu of Middle Eastern eats. Stuffed pitas, pizza pitas with veggie toppings, lentil salad, green bean salad, fava bean salad, grape leaves stuffed with meat, and various "pies" are menu examples.

Street parking only

Open daily for breakfast and lunch. Breakfast starts at 7:30a Mon-Sat, 9a Sun

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