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Cleveland Yoga (East/Beachwood)

3355 Richmond Road
Beachwood, OH 44122
Area: Downtown
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We think Cleveland Yoga is one of the best options in the area for a challenging yoga session. They specialize in Baptiste Power Yoga, an athletic and flowing style of yoga held in a room heated to about 85 degrees, and offer a wide variety of class times for all levels of practice and schedules.

The 2-room studio space is bright, airy and clean with beautiful wood floors and large windows for loads of natural light. The power yoga classes are held in a warm room, heated to about 85 degrees. Locker rooms feature 2 showers, basic toiletry items such as soap, shampoo and cotton swabs, and wood cubbies provide plenty of storage space for personal belongings.

The studio is located about 18 miles east of downtown, but well worth the drive in our opinion. You'll find it in the back of Corporate Park of Beachwood, past the Moxy Restaurant. Plenty of free parking is available.

A single class is $15 and mat rental is $2. They do not rent towels here, so be sure to bring your own. Please note that credit/debit cards are accepted for purchases OVER $50 ONLY. Cash/check are accepted for anything under $50.

Since this studio offers a variety of classes and levels, we suggest checking their website for detailed schedule information. In general classes are offered Monday 8:30a; 9:45a; 12:15a; 4p; 4:45p; 5:15p; 6:30p. Tuesday 6:30a; 9:30a; 9:45a; 12:15p; 4:45p; 5p; 6p; 6:15p; 7:15p. Wednesday 8:30a; 9:45a; 12:15p; 3p; 4:45p; 6:15p; 7:30p. Thursday 6:30a; 8:30a; 9:30a; 9:45a; 12:15p; 4p; 5:15p; 5:30p; 6:30p; 7p. Friday 9:15a; 9:45a; 10:45a; 12:15p; 4:15p; 5:30p. Saturday 8a; 8:30a; 9:30a; 9:45a; 10:45a; 12:15p; 4:15p; 5:30p. Sunday 8:45a; 9a; 10a; 10:15a; 12p; 3:15p; 4:30p; 5:45

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