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Mallorca (Warehouse District)

1390 W. 9th St.
Cleveland, OH 44113
216-687-9494websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Downtown

Mallorca’s refined yet lively atmosphere, combined with a menu that highlights seafood, make this Spanish and Portuguese restaurant stand out in the sea of Warehouse District restaurant options. The restaurant is convenient to many of our recommended hotels, and the large menu offers variety for those looking for both lighter and heartier fare for lunch and dinner.

The lunch menu includes entree salads (option of blackened salmon, jumbo shrimp, grilled chicken and beef tenderloin), as well as an extensive selection of shellfish and fresh fish. There are a couple of grilled preparations. Veal, chicken, steak and pasta are also available for those eschewing seafood. All entrees come with rice and veggies, but we're pretty sure you can order extra on the side.

The dinner menu definitely focuses on seafood, but there are also myriad meat and pasta options. However the entree salads are not listed.  Starters include stuffed mushrooms, mussels, and shrimp. Entrees include grilled mahi mahi with sliced garlic, olive oil and Spanish paprika,  shellfish casserole, lobster tails, and seafood linguini. Chicken, veal, and pork entrees are also available for those who don’t want seafood. There is a vegetarian pasta option available, but it is not the most vegetarian-friendly restaurant.

Open for lunch and dinner M-Sat starting at 11:30a; Open for dinner only Sunday starting at 1p.


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