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North Cheyenne Canyon Route

Colorado Springs, CO

Area: Broadmoor area
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Awesome dirt trails behind the Broadmoor hotel that go on forever.  Remember, you're well above 6,000 feet altitude.

* Start in front of the Broadmoor, then follow Lake Circle north and west

* Turn L on Mesa Ave. & quick R on Mayhurst Ave.

* Another quick L on West Cheyenne Rd., then R on Highland St. & R again on Cheyenne Blvd

* Turn L on Ridgeway Ave & one of several trailheads will be on your right, take your pick

* If you want to keep running on a paved route, turn L on Mid Rd & veer L on Willow Circle, then turn R on Cheyenne Blvd

* Cheyenne Blvd will merge with West Cheyenne & then stay right at the fork & continue on N. Cheyenne Canon Rd for as long as you like (out & back)

* A few more trailheads appear along the paved route if you change your mind & want to hit the dirt

Total = varied distances


Athletic-Minded Traveler, LLC, in no way guarantees the safety and/or condition of this run route as these public paths and ways are not within our control. You are advised to use reasonable and prudent efforts to ensure your personal safety and security. Use of this map/route is at your own risk.

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