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Los Bandidos De Carlos-Mickeys

1310 Magruder St.
El Paso, TX 79925
Price: Moderately Expensive
Area: El Paso, TX

This family-owned Mexican restaurant is located a few miles from the airport and close to the Hyatt Place hotel. The bar area with its sofas, TVs, and dining area attracts a lively after-work crowd and is an alternative for eating when the wait for a table is long (which is often). The décor is Mexican inspired with colorful walls and all sorts of Mexican artifacts and furnishings.

In terms of menu, it is not overly healthy, but a little creative ordering can do the trick, and there is actually a "low-fat items" section. Tortilla soup, tacos, marinated chicken, shrimp fajitas, chicken sombrero salad, and shrimp cocktail are menu examples. Light eaters should look to the shrimp dishes and order them without oil and/or sauces on the side. The marinated chicken is another good bet, if you can ensure it is grilled. Of course the "low-fat" section may tempt you as well, but we suggest perusing all the menu items and request the veggies and starches you need as side dishes.

Live Music -- Mariachi Band

Open daily 11a to 10p. Long waits for dinner

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