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The Green Ingredient

201 E. Main St.
El Paso, TX 79901
915-298-1010websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: El Paso, TX

This eatery has a lot of healthy options for all 3 meals. It is located south of the University of Texas at El Paso, at the intersection of Main and Mesa Street. The atmosphere is very casual, with plenty of natural light, tables arranged in long rows, plain white walls, and a smoothie bar.

For breakfast, cinnamon-quinoa pancakes, make your own omelets (egg white option), tofu scramble and steel cut oatmeal are all sensible options. Also offered are an assortment of muffins, house cured salmon, chia fruit salad and smoothies. The lunch menu is a winner and includes a watermelon arugula salad, quinoa and avocado salad, and a kale deluxe salad -- all with the option of chicken, portabella, or wild salmon. Sandwiches such as turkey with kale, veggie burger, chicken pita, veggie lasagna, falafel and salmon are menu options.

The dinner menu is similar to lunch's, but with fewer salads and more entrees. But there are still 4 salads offered along with the protein options. Entrees include a quinoa creation that can be made vegan or come with choice of protein, salmon served with coconut brown rice and veggies and tofu stir fry.

Mon-Fri 7a to 3p; Fri 5p to 9p; Sat 10a to 2p

Breakfast Mon-Fri 7a to 10:30a

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