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N.Y.C. Good Life Restaurantt

Hans-Thoma-Strasse 1
Frankfurt 60596
+49(0-(6) 961-4818websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Frankfurt, GER

First, while this place doesn't get the best reviews, we don't care. We are sold on the menu which includes breakfast favorites such as omelets, pancakes, and French toast and a BIG selection of lunch and dinner fare. In terms of décor it's contemporary and urban with lots of NYC touches (Woody Allen movie posters, mini replicas of city sites etc). There is also outdoor seating.
The menu will certainly please those travelers hankering for some American grub! The breakfast includes scrambles, pancakes, French toast, huevos rancheros, multigrain cereal with yogurt and fruit, breakfast sandwiches and sides like smoked salmon, ham, and baked beans. The lunch/dinner menu is pretty good too with chicken satay, nachos, grilled chicken Caesar salad, a "wok salad" with chicken or beef, veggies and lettuce and a smoked salmon salad. You can top any salad with ham, grilled mushrooms, chicken or steak. Other options include bagel sandwiches, pasta, Mexican and Asian dishes (e.g., grilled chicken, chili, quesadillas, curry), a few soups, various burgers -- including a veggie option -- and steak. Veggie eaters can order extra green by the side or try the vegetable mashed potatoes with grilled Mediterranean veggies, sundried tomatoes, feta and greens on mashed potatoes.
Located across the river (south)Open daily 9a til late

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