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Tuesday Night Skate

Frankfurt 60314
Area: Downtown

Do you like to roller skate when you're on a business trip? Frankfurt has you covered every Tuesday night from late March through October. The Tuesday Night Skate starts from Hafenpark at 8:30 pm, covers roughly 28 to 30 km, and returns at 11:00 pm. This isn't for the first-timer or the skittish skater. Here are some ground rules from a previous participant:

1. You need to be a really good skater, especially when it comes to braking
2. Helmets and other protective gear are highly recommended
3. Reflective clothing is also recommended
4. Stay to the right, pass on the left
5. Skating on the sidewalks is forbidden!
6. If an accident occurs, either keep on skating, or help out, don't stop and gawk, blocking the way for emergency vehicles, etc.
7. Volunteer helpers should be listened to, they help with the organizations, accidents, etc.

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