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If this up-and-coming town failed to serve up a good workout option, we could then cleverly write, "This town doesn't have Jack!" Get it? Alas, the few hotels in downtown "Jax," as natives call it, provide decent exercise alternatives of their own or have arrangements in place with nearby health clubs.

Frequently found on "best cities to live" lists, Jacksonville can rightfully brag about its miles of beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, incredible golf courses, and vibrant city center. Jacksonville Landing and Southbank Riverwalk are two shopping, dining and entertainment venues that anchor Downtown's ongoing revitalization.

However, with only 5 hotels dotting the landscape, the city better pick up its pace to keep up with its growing popularity among business and leisure travelers. If a big convention lands in town, those hunting for a room may end up exclaiming, "This town doesn't have Jack!"