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Gold St. Martins Lane

45 St. Martins Lane
London WC2N 4HX
-20-7300-5500websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Mid City

Don't look for a bright sign, flags, or a large awning to advertise the entrance of this trendy hotel near Trafalgar Square. Instead the low key front is simply marked by a glass door and floor-to-ceiling windows with long white drapes, easy to drive or walk past if you're not looking for it.

Don't assume St. Martins' non-descript outside accurately reflects its indoor personality. Bold and sleek are two adjectives that immediately come to mind. All 204 rooms are heaven-like with crisp white bedding, white furnishings and white walls. Floor-to-ceiling windows bestow views to the outdoor heavens. Likely the most unique room feature is the "light your mood" colored lighting system. Guests can dial up a mood change by turning the color-control next to the headboard. If you want the entire room (and we mean entire room) green, go ahead, pink, your choice, blue, go for it.

St. Martins wouldn't receive our recommendation without an appealing workout option. Inside the hotel, the first floor gym sports a mix of new and old equipment in yet another uniquely decorated room. Televisions are attached to the cardio machines for personal viewing.

Most athletic-minded folks will likely prefer to skip this space and exercise next door at The Gym Box, a funky yet full-service health club offering complimentary access to St. Martins' guests. Gym Box supplies the latest and greatest equipment inside a building that could pass for a former dance club. While it might be a little cheesey, Gym Box definitely has "the goods."

Work Out Onsite

Treadmills2 Trotter
Recumbent Bike1 Tectrix - old
Stepper1 Tectrix - old
Dumbbells1-25kgs. (~50 lbs)
Machines1 Cybex multigym
ExtrasFree pass to Gymbox

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