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LA is a funny place, but you gotta love it. Natives drive 3 blocks to get a morning cup of joe, and like Corey Hart's song, people really do wear sunglasses at night. Tupperware parties have matriculated into Botox fetes with hosts clamoring to secure the latest VIP plastic surgeon's attendance. Pet owners don heels and Armani to exercise their four legged friends at $100/month "health clubs," and, no matter where you go, everyone could be someone. Only in LA!

It's a land of hard bodies and healthy diets, where working out is more than a recreational pursuit; it's a way of life, and often part of the job description. And since Hollywood stars often assume athletic roles on the big and small screens (or credit their fit body to an exercise device via a 20-minute infomercial), we investigated how many Tinseltown thespians have achieved significant athletic feats in real life. Here's who impressed us:

Will Ferrell, Boston, New York and Stockholm Marathon finisher

Alexandra Paul (Baywatch), Ironman Hawaii and Boston Marathon finisher

David James Elliott (JAG), Boston Marathon and 2 x LA Marathon finisher

Oprah Winfrey, Marine Corps Marathon finisher

David Duchovny, triathlete

Geena Davis, U.S. Olympic Team Finalist (archery)

Robin Williams, hard core cyclist

Queen Latifah, 2 x state high school basketball champ

Matthew Perry, top ranked Canadian Junior Tennis player (#17 in Canada)

Lisa Ling, Boston Marathon finisher

John Cryer, 3 Triathlons & counting