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Kreation Kafe (Santa Monica)

1023 Montana Ave.
Santa Monica, CA 90403
310-458-4880websitePrice: Moderately Expensive
Area: Santa Monica

This place is all about healthy, fresh and yummy food! And it serves all three meals.  The vibe is "green" -- meaning that the blond woods, copious plants, bamboo screen, ample natural light work together to create a very fresh and casual setting. Along with a long community table, there is also sidewalk seating, a covered patio and fresh "juicery". The Mediterranean inspired menu is so very athletic-minded with plenty of hearty, healthy, high-quality eats. The menu boasts nearly all organic and locally grown ingredients and offers a range of items including soups, sandwiches, kabobs, and salads.

Breakfast is offered until noon on weekdays and until 2p on weekends. Mexican egg dishes and scrambles have egg white or tofu as an option. There are also organic pancakes, steel cut oatmeal, a granola parfait, lox plate, and Mediterranean Breakfast Plate that consists of feta, pistachios, cucumber, tomato, chopped red onion, peppers and bread. Sides include potatoes, Niman Ranch bacon, yogurt, roasted tomato, granola, feta, fruit, and avocado.

Lunch offers sandwiches (broiled mushroom, free range chicken kabob, beef), plates (which come with whole wheat lavosh, roasted tomato and a small salad), impressive entree salads with a bevy of veggies, protein and toppings. Last there are tapas that include hummus, bruschetta, black bean salsa, tabouleh, grilled vegetables, rosemary potatoes, carmelized mushroom & shallot sautee and quinoa. The dinner menu ups the "gourmet" quotient with combination plates such as free-range chicken breast and quinoa, grilled vegetarian platter, broiled salmon and Niman Ranch meatloaf. The salads, sides and tapas are also offered.

Open daily 7a-7p

Vegan & Vegetarian friendly

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