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Son of a Gun (Beverly Hills)

8370 W 3rd St.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
323-782-9033websitePrice: Expensive
Area: Beverly Hills/Century City

This seafood-focused restaurant is about 1-2 miles from our recommended Beverly Hills Hotels. While the price point is high, we were won over by the seafood extravaganza. The ambiance is laid back with a fishing decor theme throughout. There is a large communal table that seats 20, which may appeal to those travelers on their own.  The whole eatery only seats 55. This is definitely a "local spot" where the people come for the food. The street front windows afford plentiful natural light during lunch and the wood tables and chairs are cafe casual. Oh and did we mention that this is the sister restaurant to "Animal" -- a meat focused venue.

The menu changes daily. If you like seafood, there will be something for you. There will be "raw" offerings like oysters, sashimi, smoked steelhead, seabass etc. Shellfish come next with various versions of lobster, octopus, and shrimp. The flavorings lean heavy and "comfort" in style. BBQ peel and eat shrimp may come with potato salad, yet the Dungeness crab may be festooned more simply with daikon, apple and yuzu. Fish will be baked, braised, smoked and grilled. Carnivores have a few choices such as fried chicken, country ham and/or pork cheek. Salads are here too. Curly kale with Caesar dressing, spring mix with blood orange and avocado. If there is a veggie side, it likely will not be steamed. 

Open M-F for lunch 11:30a-2:30p and nightly for dinner beginning at 6p; Valet parking available

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