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Bronze Premier Travel Inn

7 Lower Mosley Street
Manchester M2 3DW
-0870 990 6444websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Downtown
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Premier Inn is a bare-bones budget hotel chain with properties across the UK. This particular accommodation is a new addition to Manchester's hospitality scene and is a good choice for those not prioritizing fancy perks and amenities. Premier Inn is conveniently located across from the GMEX convention center, where you must park your car if driving (the hotel does not own a garage). Rooms are tidy and appealing, but simply furnished and plainly colored (e.g., bright white bathrooms, cream toned living quarters, etc.). Several breakfast options are offered (£3 to £6.50), and kids under 16 eat free.

Those looking to workout need to look outside the hotel - there's no gym in this property. A five-minute walk and £10 will get you inside Bannatyne on Quay Street. You'll find everything you need in this fitness facility, including a lap pool.

Work Out Onsite

Extras£10 to Bannatyne

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