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Greenline Trail

500 North Pine Lake Dr.
Memphis, TN 38134

The Memphis Greenline Trail is a 10.8 mile long, well trafficked, point-to-point railroad turned paved urban trail that runs from Cordova through Shelby farms to the heart of Midtown. The beautiful gardens and greenscaping make the trail ideal for cyclists and runners looking to get active without major car traffic worries.

Parking & Start

We recommend parking and starting the fun at Shelby Farms Park Conservancy. For a small donation (your choice!), you can enter this 4,500 acre of green space, park your car, and take to your feet or bike. Just follow the well-placed signs to the start of the Greenline Trail at the intersection of Farmer Rd & Mullins Station Rd. 

During The Ride

There are several exit points along the trail that lead into the heart of downtown Memphis; offering a the opportunity to check out the city and/or refuel at one of the many stores or restaurants that line the trail. We even recommend one!

Access points can be found on Highland St, High Point Terrace, Graham St, Waring Rd, Podesta St, and Sycamore View Rd. 

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