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Mont Royal

Area: Downtown
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A beautifully scenic route for those staying in downtown Montreal, bring your quads because it's a good climb.

* Pick up the route anywhere along our loop, but our mileage starts from the intersection of Peel Road (Rue) & Avenue des Pins

* Jog South on Avenue des Pins only for about a half-block and look for a very curvy path/road on your right that leads up the hill

* After a couple of switchbacks, turn left on the Olmstead Path, heading South

* Follow this cinder/dirt path as it winds up Mont Royal

* Once reaching the top you can run the inner loop around the Mont-Royal Chalet or veer left before the Chalet and merge onto Voie Camillien-Houde (road) and head North (to the right)

* Follow this road as it winds its way to the North side of the Park and Avenue du Parc

* Turn Right on Avenue du Parc and after a couple blocks you will see another trailhead for the Olmstead Path on your right, take it

* Follow Olmstead Path through the Park and return to the curvy path up from which you began

Total = approx. 5 miles (outer loop)

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