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Olympia Schwimmhalle - Olympiapark

1 Coubertinplatz
Munich 80809
-(0180) 1796 223website
Area: Munich

As the best pool in all of Munich, locals come from near and far for a dip in this former Olympic-hosting water box. 50 meters, divided lanes, a tall ceiling, and serious swimmers (depending on the time you arrive, of course). Lane utlilization varies - when we visited, 3 lanes were roped off for freestyle and serious swimming while the other lanes were undivided for breast-strokers and the like. A shorter 5-lane, second pool (25 meters) is also available, but it's often used by swim teams.

The only disadvantage about this pool is its outlying location. Taking the subway to Olympia Park from the center of town is no biggie (about 10 minutes), but then a solid 10-15 minute walk is required from the station to the pool. Hours are 7am to 11pm and the admission cost is €3.80. Bring your own towel. Showers are basic public facility grade.

Work Out Onsite

In / OutIndoor
Lap-Swim GradeA
Lanes3 to 6
Length50 meters
Temperature 82F
Hours7:00 am to 11:00 pm
Extras5 x 25 meter indoor pool as well

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