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Noshville (Green HIlls)

4014 Hillsboro Circle
Nashville, TN 37215
615-269-3535websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Nashville, TN

Missing the East Coast? Noshville offers that New York deli/diner experience right here in the South. Vinyl booths, formica like table tops, a counter for solo dining, glass food cases, even a statue of Liberty replica atop the roof. This place attracts a cross section of Nashville locals with its authentic deli eats and big menu.

Light eaters have options, but hearty eaters win here.  Start the day sensibly with a vegetable egg white omelet, bagel with lox or low fat cream cheese or maybe some granola, oatmeal or fruit with a side of Canadian Bacon. Or go for broke with pancakes, French toast, the deli omelet or corned beef hash and eggs. No matter, whatever you order here know that it will be straightforward without much fuss.

Open for breakfast and lunch only. M-F 6:30a to 2:30p; Sat/Sun 7:30a to 4p

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