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Pfunky Griddle (Berry Hill)

2800 Bransford Ave.
Nashville, TN 37246
615-298-2088websitePrice: Least Expensive
Area: Nashville, TN

We're not sure if it's the name, cool location in the artsy Berry Hill neighborhood, or the fact that you can make your own pancakes using a built-in table griddle that won us over. We just love cool breakfast joints, and The Pfunky Griddle with its all you can eat pancake breakfast and good lunch selection easily qualifies. It's not too big, and clearly it's all about the pancakes.

For breakfast you can select 5 grain or unbleached white batter and various "mix-ins" such as m&ms, pecans, blueberries, peanut butter, applesauce, bananas, apples, granola, and seasonal fruit. You then use your table griddle to cook up your very own custom pancake. Other breakfast eats include French toast, eggs, ham, and vegetarian sausage. Lunch fare includes a Caesar salad, fruit salad, soups, and about 6 sandwiches such as a veggie delight, roast beef melt, pulled pork and roasted turkey.

Kid friendly
Open Tues-Thurs 8a to 2p; Fri-Sun 7a to 3p

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