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"Start spreading the news...I'm leaving today...I want to be a part of it, New York, New York." 

Are you tapping your foot yet? What does New York City mean to you? It must be something significant because 40 million people visit the Big Apple each year. For us, those two words: "New-York" elicit a stream of powerful and memorable images, impressions and reactions.


New York is where:

  • All of our hearts bled on 9/11
  • Tycoons and socialites have names like "the Donald" and "Paris"
  • The ball drops every year
  • "Yogi-isms" have nothing to do with Yoga
  • On marathon day, locals finally wear something besides black
  • A borough is where you live not an animal you ride
  • Jackie Robinson pioneered, The Babe astonished, Namath predicted and Steinbrenner spent
  • The arts are center stage and "Page Six" tries to upstage, and...

...anything is possible. But, "Time is money and money is time," which is a good reminder for us to get down to business.