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With a per capita income of almost double the national average, Omaha quietly prospers as a middle-American city where family values run as high as portfolio values. Successful hometown companies like Berkshire Hathaway, ConAgra, and Peter Kiewit Sons have spawned a litter of millionaire (and even a few billionaire) residents with money to burn, invest, or donate. Most in this understated neck of the woods would rather help than hoard; so hosts of charities, cultural and humanitarian organizations, and of course the University of Nebraska football program, share in this good fortune.

With no professional sports franchise calling Nebraska home, the Cornhusker football team garners a cult-like following that cherishes game day services and professes that their program reigns supreme. Big Red fans proudly eulogize their Huskers' record 38 NCAA consecutive winning seasons, 32 consecutive bowl game appearances, and 31 straight seasons with 9 or more victories. Diehards also preach the grandeur of the athletic department's weight room, which as the largest in the country, covers an astonishing 3/4 acre. And true to their values, these Midwesterners are most proud that their team has more Academic All-Americans than any other Division I school.

To their credit, Husker hysteria is not a fair-weather fad. On home game days, Memorial Stadium becomes the 3rd largest populated area in the State behind the cities of Omaha and Lincoln.

So if you are trying to score a few extra points with the locals, give up the safety brown-nosing; instead strike up a conversation salted with your newly acquired Husker football knowledge, it might just seal your deal.