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Trim Fitness Studio (Costa Mesa)

2937 Bristol St.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Area: Orange County
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Located in the shopping center known as “The Camp”, Trim offers the Lagree Method and Versa Climber workouts. For those of you not familiar with Lagree, think Pilates Reformer style workout on a "Megaformer".  The 45-mionute workouts focus on five elements (cardio, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition and flexibility) for a full body workout in one session AND for each move.  

For the Versa Climber workouts, think more sweat and a spinning type environment. Instead of pushing intensity on a cycle, a Versa Climber is the mode. It's high intensity.  These workouts are 30 minutes. You'll feel it. The Versa Climber is  a low impact machine and utilizes movement progression like crawling, walking, running, and climbing.  The goal is a body better equipped to perform the natural requirements of daily life. 

For the Lagree classes, you must wear grip socks. For the Versa Climber classes, athletic shoes are required. The studio sells grip socks.  Classes are offered daily with the earliest at 7a and the latest at 6:30p. Because there are two practice rooms, there are quite a good number of classes offered each day.  A single drop in visit is $30, (First class is $18.) and a five class pass is $135. P

Parking in the lot is ample, easy and free.  There are no showers onsite.

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